Nov 29, 2010

AVI to 3gp: The best video converter for mobile users

Converting AVI to 3gp is always crucial for low-end mobile phone owners. With "AVI to 3GP 1.4" you can convert all of your AVI videos to the most usable 3GP format. And the best of all, its free.

 "AVI to 3GP 1.4" offers a very simplest user interface, avoiding the feeling known as "getting used to".

Conversion with this software is just a matter of three step ( or two if you don't want to change the video scaling).

AVI to 3GP v1.4

Supported AVI video format includes: MPEG 1/2, MPEG4 (MP4), DivX, Xvid.

Here's a list of PROS and CONS:

  • Basic and Simple Interface: No learning curves, no technical knowledge needed.
  • Video Scaling: Offers predefined as well as custom video scaling option. (see image below)
  • Batch Conversion: Ability to add multiple videos in the list to convert one by one.
  • No Framework required.
  • Freeware: You got it ;)
  • Non-Stylish GUI.
  • Slow conversion.
  • Not updated since Feb 2009.
  • Drag and Drop not supported.
AVI to 3GP v1.4


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