Aug 1, 2008

4 Open Source Color Pickers

Color picker or Color Chooser is an application or component, to pick colors from photos and other images. It can output colors in either RGB mode or hex, which is useful for web designer, UI designer and also for artwork designer.

Here's a list of open source color pickers. In most of the Linux distribution it is pre-installed.

1) KColorChooser:
KColorChooser is a color palette tool, used to mix colors and create custom color palettes. Using the dropper, it can obtain the color of any pixel on the screen.

A number of common color palettes are included, such as the standard Web colors and the Oxygen color scheme.

2) KColorEdit:
KColorEdit (KDE Color Palette Editor) is a palette files editor. It can be used for editing color palettes and for color choosing and naming. It supports KDE and GIMP palette files.

3) gcolor2:
Gcolor2 is a simple GTK2 color selector to provide a quick and easy way to find colors for whatever task is at hand. Colors can be saved and deleted as well.

4) GIMP Color Selector Tool:
GIMP is an impressively powerful and freely-distributable Adobe Photoshop alternative open-source application for digital image composition, authoring, retouching and processing.

Color Selector Tool is a component of GIMP, it can also be used as normal color selector or picker. But to use this tool GIMP must be started, which is time consuming as compared to other color pickers listed above.


  1. Agave?

    This is a pretty disappointing list.

  2. KColoredit? Look so k-omplex.

  3. Hello there, I like this entry ;) ...

    I'm the developer of the new version of KColorEdit 2.0 ... and let me tell that this version is more simple than the older (shipped in KDE 3 desktop), besides I consider that KColorEdit is one of the most complete (Free) software to manage color palettes.

    In the development process of this version I spoke with Jonathon (the developer of Agave) and he gave me some ideas, KColorEdit 2.0 has almost all the features of agave, both are great tools ;)


    pd: BTW I bet my dollar that anonymous uses gnome :D

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