Nov 15, 2008

Pairing Bluetooth in Mandriva Linux 2009

Note: This article is based on Mandriva Linux 2009.0 One (KDE-4.1.2).
With Mandriva Linux 2009 many users are finding it difficult to pair their bluetooth devices. Although an update is made in 'bluez-utils' package, but for those user who access internet via bluetooth dial-up should read the following instructions to pair their bluetooth device:

1. There is a file "/etc/X11/xinit.d/80bluez-utils", which points passkey-agent to look into wrong location for PIN code. This file is executed every time you logged into KDE, which conflict with actual bluetooth package.

2. Removing this file ends this conflict, so remove this file by type the following command as root:
rm /etc/X11/xinit.d/80bluez-utils

3. Make "kbluetooth4" start automatically every type you login into your KDE session, for those readers who don't know how to add an entry in autostart, follow this steps:
  • a. Press 'Alt + F2' and type "systemsettings" in the run command bar that appears.
  • b. Switch to 'Advanced' tab option in the 'System Setting' window that appears.
  • c. Now in the 'Advanced User Setting' section of System Setting, there is an entry known as 'Autostart' to configure a particular command or script file to execute exactly after you login.
  • d. Double click 'Autostart' and click 'Add Program', choose "kbluetooth4" from the list.

4. And restart the KDE session by logging out or restarting the computer.

Note: You need not need to edit the "hcid.conf" file for this to work.

Also check security manager mode is set to user in the "hcid.conf" file.

Now after receiving an answer from your phone, kbluetooth4 will pop-up a dialog-box to enter the same code you entered on your phone.

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