Aug 29, 2009

25 Cool & Beautiful Linux Wallpapers

Here I'm sharing some cool and beautiful, high quality, Linux wallpapers, that I have collected from the internet. So without any delay lets check them out.

1. Linux, by zmeden:

2. Linux Love, by zmeden:

3. Ubuntu, by emoracket44:

4. Ubuntu Homer, by jos3m:

5. Pardus Dream, by snn-engn:

6. Pardus Dream - White, by snn-engn:

7. Pardus Dream - Black, by snn-engn:

8. OpenSUSE, by LynchMob10-09:

9. Gentoo, by LynchMob10-09:

10. Debian, by LynchMob10-09:

11. Arch, by LynchMob10-09:

12. Glass Pardus, by h2okerim:

13. Glass Pardus, by h2okerim:

14. Arch - Red, by sistematico:

15. Arch - Blue, by sistematico:

16. Arch Freedom, by mjheagle8:

17. Linux Simple, by javodonan:

18. Linux, by PsychoNix:

19. Tux, by

20. Tux, by

21. Tux, by

22. Tux, by

23. Tux, by

24. Linux, by ecl-55:

25. Linux, by deepdesign:


26. Japanese Linux Hacker, by sime:

27. Click For Freedom, by h2okerim:

28. Arch, by sistematico:

If you know a link or two to other cool Linux wallpapers, please share it with us via comment. Also tell us which wallpaper(s), - from the above list - you liked the most. Regards!


  1. Someone likes Arch Linux (wallpapers) :P

  2. Someone also likes Pardus very much. ;-P

  3. how about all those ct magazine wallpapers? I suppose they're more cartoonish but great all the same

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    - Santu
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